Family & Couples 


Thank you so much for choosing Crossbow Photography to capture your memories! Please read through my guidelines, and terms and conditions, before filling out the client registration and contract form below. 

Before your shoot...

Please let me know what, if any, combinations of poses you would like in the form below, including any 'must haves' with highest priority first- the more information you give me, the better we can achieve the results you deserve! For example:  6 family, 3 couple, 2 of each child (4), 3 children together, 2 mum and children, 2 dad and children.

What to wear... 

I like my photos to have a somewhat vintage feel, and I find more timeless item of clothing work best, avoiding logos and patterns that are two bold or distracting. If it's cold, you may prefer to wear thermal layers rather than heavy jackets. Of course, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident! 

  • Neutral Colours: Produces softer coloured images. Please avoid wearing pure white! Choose creams, browns, neutral and earthy colours and pastel tones. Either jeans or kaki colour pants both work well with this colour setting.  

  • Black & White: Black and cream or other dark clothing works best. Either jeans or dark coloured trousers both work well with this colour setting.​


Within 2-3 days of your session, I will contact you via email with your gallery of images for you to choose your images. Any extra images that you wish to buy can be, at $20 per photo. ​

  • Images will  be presented in lightly edited proof format with watermarks for your viewing/choosing.

  • Your chosen images will then be fully edited to my style and quality standards, with further cropping, fades, colour adjustments, removing distractions/objects etc. If there's anything you particularly want removed, please let me know before I begin the final editing process, for instance, I think wrinkles are beautiful (not everyone is lucky enough to grow older and wiser), but I know not everyone feels that way, and they can be removed or reduced, same with moles, blemishes, etc.

  • Final editing may take a further week after you choose your images. 

  • All unedited photos/RAW files/jpegs remain in my possession and will not be shared with the client

  • I reserve the right to use negatives and/or reproductions for purposes of display, exhibitions, competitions, website and online business promotion and other purposes.