Newborn Session Preparations

Newborn session preparations below are guidelines to accomplish a successful newborn portrait session. Please share these with your spouse as well if they will be attending. Please read through these preparation guidelines carefully, and then fill in the client registration and contract form below.

Prepping your session... 

• If you are nursing, please avoid spicy & gassy foods the night before, such a citrus/acidic foods & drinks (such as coffee) or gassy vegetables (such as broccoli).

• Bath baby and make sure they are nice and clean. Pay special attention to feet as afterbirth tends to hide in their little toes. You’ll also want to moisturize them really well so that their skin isn’t too dry.

• Please have an extra sleeper & undershirt (just incase), wipes.

• If weather permits, please plan to dress baby in just a sleeper with no onesie underneath. This way I can zip down and slip off pyjamas while baby remains asleep.

• If possible, try and keep baby awake for a little while before leaving for your session. I know this can be difficult if you yourself are trying to get ready or have other children, so just do what you can. Don’t stress about this one if you can’t make it work!


• Sessions can last up to 3 hours. Please ensure that you have enough food to support baby for at least a 5 hour time period. Due to the warm temperature, babies always feed far more often than usual during a session and we do not want them to get dehydrated.

• If possible, try and feed baby upon arrival and be prepared to feed in any manner you prefer throughout the session. Most newborns feed at least once every 3 hours, so your newborn will probably need a feed at some point during your session.


• To keep baby comfortable, it's best to try to make the room nice and warm. For this reason, I recommend dressing in layers.

• To sooth baby, white noise may be used during your session.

• Don’t forget the pacifier! 



• Newborn shoots are best accomplished with babies under or at approximately 14 days of age. Most babies will attain a range of around 2-3 poses at any given session.

• Each baby is an individual and though we may have ideas regarding the poses we’d like to try, the baby, first and foremost, will dictate which poses and setups are attempted at the session. If I feel that baby is not comfortable or not sleepy enough to safety obtain a certain pose, than I will move on.

• Babies have reflexes that when touched can cause them to move suddenly, so as hard as this may be (when they look so cute), please do not stroke or touch your baby (especially their back) while posed or posing at the session unless instructed to do so, this will ensure both successful posing as well as your infant’s safety at the session.

• I may require Mum or Dad’s help a few times to spot baby if needed. I prefer Dad to help with this as Mom is still healing and any bending, kneeling or quick movements may hinder this healing process.



• Many new Mums and Dads are a little sleep deprived and feel less than glamorous after the baby is born, so it’s not surprising that they don’t want to be in the photos.  I can certainly understand this, but you will be missing out on some great images if we exclude you. Your new son or daughter will cherish these images in decades to come and hey, if you don’t love the images, then you can simply leave without purchasing them but at least you have the option. I only shoot parent images from the elbow up unless mom is comfortable otherwise.   I will of course attempt sibling images, please note they are not always possible with active toddlers and are better suited to babies aged 6 months and up. These are attempted at either the beginning or tail end of your session for a block of approximately 20-30 minutes. Past that, we loose alot of baby’s precious sleeping time. I do ask that siblings do not stay for the full session as the lengthy time line and heat are often too much for younger children under the age of 5 and in turn this often leads to a stressful situation for everyone, baby included.    I do kindly ask that an adult accompany your child who can leave with them to a local spots.   To keep the noise chatter down and unless siblings will be attending, it is neither necessary nor recommended for more than 2 adults to accompany your newborn to the session.

What to wear... 
I like my photos to have a somewhat vintage feel, and I find more timeless item of clothing work best, avoiding logos and patterns that are two bold or distracting. Of course, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident!

• Neutral Colours: Produces softer coloured images with a lighter, natural background. Please avoid wearing pure white! Choose creams, browns, neutral and earthy colours and pastel tones. Either jeans or kaki colour pants both work well with this colour setting.

• Black & White: Black helps baby contrast more against clothing. A strapless bra for mum comes in very handy. Either jeans or dark coloured trousers both work well with this colour setting.

• I suggest bringing clothing for both colour options above. Please make sure all clothing is free of stains and wear, and is properly ironed or steamed.  Mums can choose to bring or wear a dress, a tank, bandeau top or a casual shirt.   Dads can choose to go shirtless as well as clothed.    It’s important that you make sure your hands are in good shape. Dry skin should be moisturized and nails should be filed smooth. Please remove old nail polish as this cannot be photo shopped.    I suggest no jewellery except your rings. Watches are especially distracting.




I do not currently supply many props or sets, but rely on what you have at home. I hope to be able to provide more as my business grows, but please be aware of this at this early stage.



Within 2-3 working days of your session, I will contact you via email with your gallery of images for you to choose your agreed upon complimentary digital prints. Any extra images that you wish to buy can be, at $30 per photo.. ​

  • Images will  be presented in lightly edited proof format with watermarks for your viewing/choosing.

  • Your chosen images will then be fully edited to my style and quality standards, with further cropping, fades, colour adjustments, removing distractions/objects etc. If there's anything you particularly want removed, please let me know before I begin the final editing process, for instance, I think wrinkles are beautiful (not everyone is lucky enough to grow older and wiser), but I know not everyone feels that way, and they can be removed or reduced, same with moles, blemishes, etc.

  • Final editing may take a further week after you choose your images. 

  • For additional images, once you tell me the number's you wish to purchase, I will send you an invoice with my bank details for you to transfer payment. Once I receive payment I will edit and send you your images.

  •  I send my finished high resolution images through a file transfer website which means I can send large files with the best quality, without worrying about file limits in emails. This will provide you with a download link for you to access your images anywhere, and download them to any device.  

  • All unedited photos/RAW files/jpegs remain in my possession and will not be shared with the client

  • I reserve the right to use negatives and/or reproductions for purposes of display, exhibitions, competitions, website and online business promotion and other purposes. 



Thank you for placing your trust in me to capture a most precious time in your family’s life.